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ATX West bring us your toughest challenge

IM Engineering’s ATX West 2024

Here’s a recap of the demo!

Thank you for joining us at ATX West 2024! What a great year and awesome opportunity to showcase our new wearable sensor demonstration live. If you weren’t able to join us live check out the recap of the demo above. Then subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter, below, to know where to see our machines in action next.


ATX West is the automation portion of the IME Enigneering’s Expo in Anaheim CA. In the world where everyone is trying to use automations to reduce waste, lower costs, and boost efficiency. Delta ModTech’s ability to improve processes through the utilization of our proven modular designs to increase efficiencies and throughput.

Meet with our experts on site to confidentially meet with you and discuss your needs. Bring your toughest challenge and let us show you why we are trusted by converters and OEMs worldwide.

Your next machine is only as good as the people who make it