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Are you looking for operators with experience on Delta ModTech machines? Do you have experience on our machines and looking for work? As a service to our customers, we can post your inquiries here. Please use our Contact form to send us your resume or job requirements.

July 2nd, 2018

Delta ModTech Lead Converting Press Operator Needed – Victorville, CA

A progressive scientific manufacturing company seeks a highly experienced, quality‐minded, self‐motivated and detail‐oriented individual to join our manufacturing team as Lead Press Operator and Problem Solver. This person must exemplify customer passion and be a team player. Additionally, they must have excellent technical knowledge and problem solving skills. They will play a major role in(…)

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May 11th, 2018

Machine Operators – Des Moines, IA

Machine Operators needed for Katecho, Inc., a medical device manufacturer.  Operators are responsible for running various machines, including set-up and close-out, troubleshooting and monitoring the work as it goes through the process.

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