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Converters Expo South 2020

Converters Expo SouthConverters Expo South is a one day expo that unites converters of paper, film, plastics and nonwovens with industry buyers, specialists and suppliers. The event is held on February 12, 2020 in Charlotte, NC at the Charlotte Convention Center. We will be on site to confidentially discuss your toughest converting challenges and help you develop a total solution.

Delta ModTech® offers innovative solutions for manufacturing a variety of complex medical, pharmaceutical, label, security, RFID, packaging and cosmetic products. Our converting and packaging systems feature a variety of processes including rotary, semi-rotary and laser die cutting, multi layer lamination, precise part placement, vision inspection, coating, drying and heat seal pouching. These unique systems are designed to offer precision parts while minimizing waste of expensive materials. We offer equipment solutions for customers across a variety of industries including diagnostics, transdermal, electrode, wound care, medical, pharmaceutical, security, RFID, label, consumer and automotive. Our systems are custom designed and engineered to meet your application requirements, improve your profitability, and reduce your risk.

Discounted Registration Rate Available – $20 off. We will provide a limited number expo registration codes for customers who plan to attend – please fill out the request form below.