January 4th, 2017


Attending DSCOOP? See our Spectrum finishing system in Phoenix Arizona on March 1-4, 2017.

Delta ModTech, a designer and manufacturer of specialty web converting, packaging and finishing equipment, will be showcasing innovation and finishing technology at Dscoop 12 in booth 925. The Spectrum® finishing system offers the flexibility to die-cut and coat digitally printed web in-line with a HP Indigo digital printer or off-line as a stand-alone finishing system. Tight tolerance cuts, quick changeover, and a modular platform make the Spectrum the most flexible solution for finishing. And our real-time technical support ensures your machine will be up and running, always.

High Speed Spectrum Finishing SystemVisit with the Delta ModTech staff, learn about the many ways our finishing and converting systems can expand your manufacturing options and give you opportunities in new markets. Each system is designed based on your current needs, while offering opportunities for your future growth. Our capabilities include the automation and integration of full manufacturing and packaging lines, including effortless control of all processes through our unique HMI (Human Machine Interface) software. Delta ModTech is dedicated to providing precise, flexible and innovative solutions worldwide.

What is Dscoop?

Short for Digital Solutions Cooperative, Dscoop is an independent community of HP Graphic Arts business owners and technical professionals who use HP Indigo, Scitex, High-End Latex and IHPS equipment. Register here: www.dscoopphoenix.com/register

We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your finishing application needs and help you develop the best solution for your business. If you would like to make an appointment in advance please give us a call, Delta ModTech at +1 763-755-7744 or use the contact form below.

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