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Live Demonstration at K 2022 October 19th- 26th

  • LIVE demonstration at K 2022
  • On site engineers to discuss specific applications
  • FREE passes available here

The K 2022 show will be a great opportunity to witness the flexibility and versatility of the Delta ModTech’s Crusader® Converter. The machine offers an innovative solution to the most complex automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, label, security, RFID packaging, and cosmetic products. Delta ModTech subsidiary Frontier will be with us in the booth, Frontier’s coating expertise has partnered with Delta ModTech’s modular converting and packaging systems. This creates a machine capable of rotary die cutting, semi-rotary and laser die cutting, multi layer lamination, precise part placement, MOD-Track vision inspection, coating, drying and 4 side heat seal pouching. These unique systems are designed to offer precision parts while minimizing waste of expensive materials, improving profitability, and reducing your risk.

Crusader Converter at K 2022
Crusader Converter

Be sure and stop by Delta ModTech’s Booth 3B78 at the K 2022 and speak with one our onsite engineers to discuss your specific requirements confidentially. Learn how this partnership between Delta and Frontier can create the all in one solution.