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Boyd Corporation Doubles Business that Requires Registration

Throughout its 90 years of existence, Boyd Corporation has always found a way to meet the sealing, protection and thermal management challenges of customers — and relies on Delta ModTech equipment and personnel to make it happen.

Challenge: Continuously finding ways to meet daunting registration tasks.  

Registration poses one of the biggest challenges to Boyd, which produces a variety of medical products.  

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Registration (or re-registration) is a process where multiple materials, parts, layers, print or die cut are placed in a specific orientation with each other, using the timing and/ or gearing of the rollers. Registration on Boyd projects has been impacted when:

  • Working with a type of high-tack, elastic material that requires unique tension controls. 
  • Applying a proprietary pad system, in which registration requires accuracy close to 0.010 of an inch.  
  • Designing and manufacturing a part with the tightest tolerances for the customer’s automated assembly process.
Lane Shaver, Boyd Corp
Lane Shaver, Field Application Engineer, Boyd Corporation

Lane Shaver, a product engineer with Boyd Corporation, can’t divulge too many details due to client confidentiality on these specific situations. But in each case, tight registration, tolerance and precise web control is an absolute must. 

Breaking Into a New Market With Advanced Converting Machinery

Lane first encountered Delta ModTech when he was working with CSI Medical, which was acquired by Boyd Corporation in 2018.  He had been hired as an engineer in 2010, as the company’s 14th employee. 

Looking to grow the company, the owners purchased a Delta ModTech as part of a bid to make more complex, multi-layered parts with ultra-tight tolerances.  

“Delta ModTech had a PLC program and servo motor technology,” Lane said.  Although Lane was originally new to converting, the owners hired him to lead the charge on finding new technology that would meet these high demands.  It didn’t matter; Delta ModTech was ready to help the company grow. 

Solution: Creating a process for solving unique registration issues

To help with Boyd’s new client, Delta ModTech enacted a model that would become the blueprint for tackling the most onerous of assignments. 

Delta ModTech helped design a solution to the new challenges.

First, Delta ModTech helped design a solution to the new challenges.  “Boyd sent the drawing of what we were trying to achieve to Delta ModTech,” Shaver said.  “Delta would then send me drawn out web diagrams that explain how we could make the part.” 

Next, Delta ModTech manufactured and installed the new module on Boyd’s Delta press, and then worked closely with Shaver and his team to train them on its capabilities. Adjustments were made as the press began to run, all with continuous consultation from Delta ModTech.

Delta ModTech manufactured and installed the new module on Boyd’s Delta press.

“They’ve Never Been Stumped.”

Shaver is never shy about throwing new challenges at Delta ModTech.  In all the projects he’s given them, he’s never seen them unable to meet a challenge. 

“They step in and help you out,” he said.  “They’ve never been stumped.”

The Boyd team has visited Delta ModTech for its advanced week-long training, sending several operators and their operations managers.  The subject matter is remarkable for its depth and breadth, and it extends beyond the presented material. 

“Everyone at Delta is capable of helping you with your converting challenges,” he said.  “Even the electrical engineers, whose responsibility was the initial programming of the machine, know how to run our parts.”

Delta ModTech never fails to impress.

Throughput: Double the growth, providing limitless potential

Despite all of Shaver’s experience, the mind power at Delta ModTech never fails to impress him.  “It never ceases to amaze me on their depth of converting knowledge” said Shaver. 

Today, Boyd operates over 30 manufacturing and design centers around the world. Many of their precision converting facilities utilize high-speed, multi-station Delta ModTech presses.  

More than doubled their business.

“We’ve more than doubled our business that requires registration or re-registration,” Shaver said.  “It wouldn’t have happened without those pieces of equipment.” 

The partnership bodes well for the future. “They’ve given us the flexibility and capability to handle many complex projects,” he said.  

Delta ModTech has become such an integral part of Boyd’s approach, they even feature our presses prominently in a company video:


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