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Floation Drying Oven

Drying and Curing

Custom Drying and Curing Options

We will help you choose the best drying and curing technologies for your coated products. Our engineers’ vast experience with materials and coatings and up-front approach will give you an edge over the competition when your need a precise, well controlled drying atmosphere.

Turn to our material and process experts for the best drying and curing solutions.

Web / Roll-to-Roll Drying Ovens

Our drying ovens are engineered for the drying and curing of VOC solvent, aqueous, and thermally cured solvent-less coatings. We provide both air impingement flotation dryers and roll support dryers with various curing options including Infrared (IR), Ultra-violet (UV) and Electronic beam (Ebeam).

Drying and Curing Options

  • Impinged Hot Air
  • Infrared curing
  • Flotation or Roll Support
  • Ultraviolet curing
  • EBeam

System Options

  • Operator Interface Control
  • Independent temp. zones
  • Infrared IR zone preheating
  • Corona treating
  • HEPA filtration
  • Cleanroom compatibility
  • Cooling rolls
  • LEL monitoring
  • Hazardous Duty Rating

Oven Specifications

Max Web Width:330 mm (13 in), 508 mm (20 in), 609 mm (24 in), 762 mm (30 in), 1016 mm (40 in), 1270 mm (50 in), 1702 mm (67 in), 2 m (79 in)
Temperature Range:Ambient Temp. up to 204° C (400° F)*
Oven Length:1 m (3 ft) up to Contact Us
Construction:Stainless steel
Temperature Control Independent zone controlled
Heating Source:Electric, Gas, Steam

Contact us for more options

Contact us to learn more about scheduling a lab trial or for a list of qualified contract coaters.

Whether we’re answering some introductory questions or if you’re in need of a quote, just fill in the form or call us at 1-800-279-3358 and we can get you the answers you need.