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Packaging and Pouching

Hot And Cold Seal Pouching Machines And Modules

Pouching Woundcare and transdermal patches

Seal to print registration with the option of in-line and off-line pouching

The packaging solution for process applications where speed, flexibility and consistent seal quality are important. For the manufacturing of 3 and 4 side seal pouches:

  • Heat-sealing
  • Cold-sealing
  • Resealable pouches
  • Liquid dispense pouching
  • Sachet filling

Improve your capability with seamless integration.

We’ve developed several solutions to meet the package and pouching needs of our customers and their end users. Our experience with building machines to meet the demands of the most stringent specifications will give you confidence in meeting your production goals.

Commonly included modules

  • Mod-Track™ Vision Inspection – Part-in-pouch, closed loop registration, date code reading, bar code reading, rejecting, etc.
  • Reject conveyors
  • Part handling Conveyors for: stacking, shingling, sorting, turning, etc.

Turn-key integration of

  • Date, lot and and bar code printers – inkjet, thermal transfer, digital
  • Reject marking equipment
  • Case packing and cartoning
Delta ModTech Reciprocating packager

Reciprocating Sealbed Packager


reciprocating heat seal manifold mount packager

Modular Reciprocating Sealbed


90 degree unwind

90° Unwind Stand

For slitting up to 914 mm (36″) wide material.

Converting and Pouching line with Integrated Case Packer
Converting and Pouching line with Integrated Case Packer

Case Packing And Cartoning Integration

This Delta ModTech system converted, pouched and packaged a medical wound-care dressing. In one turnkey system, web converting, heat seal pouching and an integrated MGS sort/stack/carton machine were installed inline to create a total manufacturing solution.

Packaging And Pouching Machine Specifications

Max Web Width:254 mm (10 in), 330 mm (13 in), 406mm (16 in), 508mm (20 in)
Max speed – Reciprocating Packager:13 in: 24 m/min (80 ft/min)*
20 in: 16.75 m/min (55 ft/min)*
Seal Repeat Size – Reciprocating Packager:609 mm (24 in)
Unwind/Rewind Mandrel Diameter:76 mm (3 in) standard, other sizes available
Control System:Delta ModTech INTELLI-MOD® control system
Drive System:Servomotor Control
User Controls:Touchscreen HMI Pendant Arm
Footprint:2.4 m x 1.8 m x 2.3 m (8 ft x 6 ft x 7.65 ft) (Packager Base Platform)

*Process Dependent

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