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Closed-loop manufacturing has many facets.

MOD-Track® Machine Vision Inspection Systems

Industry-best registration control with real-time adjustments.

To some, machine vision inspection system technology is a new innovation. To us, it’s something we’ve been doing for over 20 years.

Thanks to our customers’ demanding production goals and exacting requirements, we’ve been creating vision systems that deliver unparalleled registration control and minimize scrap and waste.

Push the limits of your manufacturing and have confidence in your products with MOD-Track® Machine Vision Inspection System.

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Customized Machine Vision Equipment

MOD-Track® Machine Vision Inspection Systems are designed, built and programed to ensure you have the right system for your application. Cameras, lenses, lighting, fixtures, user controls. It’s all specific to what you need to ensure quality results. You don’t need to be an expert on vision systems when you are working with the experts.

Unmatched Closed Loop Registration Control

Complex and tight tolerance die cut parts require exceptional registration. Use unique features on your parts or the parts themselves to keep your die cuts, inlay placement, lamination, seals, etc… in perfect registration.We have the most advanced registration control in the industry and the MOD-Track® Vision Inspection System gives you the ability to keep your parts in registration automatically.

Seamless Integration from Hardware to Software

Just like all our modules, our vision systems fit seamlessly into our machinery. From Hardware, to software, to the best placement in your process web path. Each system is pre-programmed by Delta ModTech engineers to ensure it is fully operational when it hits your production floor.

Productivity Tools

Vision setup and real-time results can be viewed and adjusted on your machines touchscreen operator interface. Our software gives you the tools to make adjustments to vision acceptance criteria without an engineer plugging into the system.Our on screen measurement tools are a proven time saver for manufacturers with frequent product changes.

MOD-Track Vision System HMI

Track Product Quality

Our MOD-Track® Machine Vision Inspection System can confirm product quality and update the registration position to assist in maintaining the best CPK for the process.

Take Human Error Out of Your Process.

Machine vision inspection systems allow you to run at unimaginable speeds with and have the confidence of manufacturing products of the utmost quality. Inspect for critical requirements such as:

  • Placement
  • Lot / Date / Bar-code
  • Dispense
  • Presence
  • Part Quality

MOD-track vision part to pouch

Setting the standard for machine vision systems manufacturers for over two decades.

The MOD-Track® Machine Vision Inspection System is only available on Delta ModTech machines. Visit our Machine page to learn more about our converting capabilities.

Do you already have a Delta ModTech machine and want to upgrade your system for vision inspection and/or closed loop registration control? Click the button below to request a quote to add the MOD-Track Machine Vision Inspection system module.

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