Die Cutting Machines

Industrial Die Cutting Machines that Achieve the Tightest Tolerances

Whether you’re faced with new specifications that require tighter tolerances, or your old machine can no longer cut as precisely as it used to, Delta ModTech has a solution with our precision industrial die cutting machines.

Our industrial die cutting equipment meet the tightest tolerances in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as ongoing challenges from other vertical industries. Our die cutters hit these tolerances, time and time again, based on two factors:

Registration Software that Ensures Precise Die Cutting

Complex and tight tolerance die cut parts require exceptional registration. Our registration software is unparalleled in its ability to make corrections from incoming eyemarks to put the cut in precisely the right place automatically.  No manual adjustments necessary.

Our experience has proven that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for registration sensing. The materials, process, and operator interaction all need to be assessed to provide the best product for your customer. We will help you determine the best system for your registration sensing: vision cameras, sensors, or maybe a combination of both. If inspection cameras are the right fit, our MOD-TRACK® Vision System gives you the ability to update the registration position in closed-loop, confirm product quality and dimensional tolerances to maintain the best CPK for the process.

The Servo Motor Controls Make the Difference

You’ll understand why we are the Masters in Motion® when you get behind the controls of our INTELLI-MOD® control system. Complete control of each module allows you to perfect each segment of a converting process.

The precision of registration on each die cut is based on our control system. Since there is a separate servo motor at each station, the die cut modules can be adjusted independently of each other, allowing the cut to be changed quickly. This allows the machine to make precise cuts even when the eyemarks are inconsistent.

Individual servo control at each die station also allows for another critical factor in web converting, precise tension control. Each die, nip or print station can be set at a different speed ratio to allow you to create tension zones with the press of a button.

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A Wide Range of Industrial Die Cutting Capabilities

Rotary Die Cutting and Sheeting

Rotary Die Cutting Module

Rotary Die Cutting Module

Our rotary die cutter provides exceptional precision and can be configured for multiple sizes of your rotary cutting die. We will help you choose the best die tooling for your job and eliminate the hassle of ordering incorrectly sized dies. We also offer adapters to use existing die cut tooling on our machines.

Laser Die Cutting

Laser die cutting

Let our laser die cutter do the precision cutting. Instead of using a rotary die cut, upload a drawing of the die cut pattern into your laser die cutting machine. Laser die cutting allows for quick turnover on product development and short run jobs. There’s no need for sharpening or storage of costly rotary dies.

Semi-Rotary Die Cutting

Semi-Rotary Die Cutting Module

Semi-Rotary Die Cutting Module

Do you do many short run / quick turn over jobs? Bypass the costly rotary die tooling and put our servo motors and accurate registration to work. Our semi-rotary die cutting systems produce precision cuts with amazing speed and accuracy. Set up is fast: Load your magnetic die plate, setup registration, test and run.

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Industrial Die Cutting Equipment that Provides Endless Functionality

  • Sheeting
  • Slitting
  • Scoring
  • Perforation
  • Lamination
  • Flexographic Printing
  • Rotary Punching
  • Island Placement


Process for Achieving the Tolerance

Converting and Pouching Line for Transdermal Patch Manufacturing

Converting and Pouching Line for Transdermal Patch Manufacturing

Your die cuts can only be as precise as the equipment that makes them. Our machines are built with rigid welded steel frames and the highest quality materials. We don’t cut any corners in our builds so our machines hold up to years of production and still give you tight tolerance cuts that you require.

Each machine we build is subject to our quality manufacturing practices. From order to installation we have procedures in place to ensure quality checks throughout the machine build process and timely project communication.

Each part is inspected for compliance prior to installation and our software undergoes various levels of acceptance testing. Once your machine is built, we ensure it can run your product and meet your exacting requirements. Our process experts “de-bug” each process from unwinding the raw material to final product output.

We aren’t satisfied until your machine is making good products, within your specification.

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Die Cutting Machine Specifications

Max Web Width: 10″ (254 mm), 13″ (330 mm), 18″ (457 mm), 24″ (609 mm), up to 48″ (1219 mm)

Max Speed: Up to 500 ft/min (152 m/min)*

Max speed – Semi Rotary: 350 ft/min (106 m/min)*

Registered Cut Tolerance: +/- 0.002 inch (50 microns)*

Unwind/Rewind Mandrel Diameter: 3″ (76 mm) standard, other sizes available

Control System: Delta ModTech INTELLI-MOD® control system

Drive System: Servomotor Control

User Controls: Touchscreen HMI Pendant Arm

Footprint: 8′ x 6′ x 7.65′ (Crusader® Base Platform)

Cabinet Construction: Welded Steel Frame, Aluminum Front Plate

Cabinet Sizes: 4′ (1.2 m), 8′ (2.4 m), 10′ (3 m)

*Process Dependent

Delta ModTech provides PLITEK with the capability to meet growing needs.

Meeting or exceeding customer expectations is the top priority with every part PLITEK® produces. Delta rotary and laser cutting machines contribute to our ability to produce multi-layer parts at high volumes, with tight registration and precision tolerances, enabling us to exceed even the most demanding customer expectations.  We are proud to own many exceptional rotary and laser cutting machines from Delta as they are mission critical to our continued success.

Keith Hoffman, Operations Manager

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