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Lab Scale Coating

Flexible coating lines for R&D

Our proven coating technologies provide the flexibility needed for lab environments.

Mitigate Risk

Our extensive experience in coating and drying ensures that you have the best lab coater for your product development. Our design strategy is built around mitigating risk and providing you piece of equipment that will meet your current needs and provide flexibility for the future.

We also build:

New Modular Coating Heads

Now offering the greater flexibility by bringing the modularity that Delta ModTech has perfected to the Frontier Coaters.

Modules include:

  • Slot Die
  • Knife Over Roll
  • Direct Gravure
  • Comma Roll Coating

About Lab Scale Coating

Roll to Roll Coating Technologies

  • Slot Die with WebFlight™
  • Rotogravure
  • Direct / Offset Coating
  • Patch Coating (Slot Die)
  • Mayer Rod
  • Reverse / Direct Roll
  • Knife-over-roll
  • Stripe Coating (Slot Die)
  • Comma
  • Extrusion

Design / Build Services for:

  • Hazardous Duty Rating
  • Clean Room Features
  • Single/Multi-Slot Dies
  • Cascade Dies
  • Fluid Delivery
  • Winders and Laminators

Drying and Curing Options

  • Flotation oven drying
  • Infrared curing
  • Roll Support drying
  • Ultraviolet curing
  • Impinged Air
  • EBeam

System Options

  • Operator Interface Control
  • Independent temp. zones
  • Infrared IR zone preheating
  • Corona treating
  • HEPA filtration
  • Cleanroom compatibility
  • Cooling rolls
  • LEL monitoring
  • Hazardous Duty Rating

Lab Scale Standard Technical Specifications

Max Web Width:330 mm (13 in)
Min Web Width:76 mm (3 in)
Min Coating Width:50 mm (0.5 in)
Coating Thisness (Slot Die):Down to 2 micron
Unwind/Rewind Mandrel Diameter:26 mm (1 in), 76 mm (3 in), 153 mm (6 in)
Line Speed Range:Process dependent
Control System:Servomotor Control
Temperature Control:Independent zone controlled
Temperature Range:Ambient Temp. up to 204° C (400° F)*
Construction:Stainless steel
Heating Source:Electric, Gas, Steam

*Solvent type and dryer loading may limit maximum temperature capability.

Contact us to learn more about scheduling a lab trial or for a list of qualified contract coaters.

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