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Web Industries

30x Throughput Increase Anything but Random for Web Industries

Web Industries is a contract manufacturer specializing in precision converting for the industrial, aerospace, medical, personal and home care industries.

Headquartered in Marlborough, MA, Web Industries has over 800 employees and multiple locations in the United States, as well as offices in Germany and France. They are always looking for ways to push the envelope.

And did they ever on this project.

Challenge: Adding randomized features without adding machine components

The Web Industries team had purchased a Delta ModTech Crusader® years ago, in part because it allowed for p-camming (programmable camming) rotary dies, a cost-effective alternative to flat-bed tooling.

A customer had approached Web Industries with a product that required a very specific configuration.  Their wire and cable product required randomized features, because anything on a set repeat can have a negative effect on electrical characteristics.  

“We needed a randomizing tool for our Delta ModTech rotary line, which posed a problem,” said Benjamin Tremblay, a Senior Applications Engineer at Web Industries. “We didn’t have a flat-bed die, and we didn’t want to spend the capital to acquire a new one.”

Benjamin Tremblay
Benjamin Tremblay, Web Industries

Solution: Creating a fully-randomized tooling path from an existing machine

Web Industries approached Delta ModTech and described the challenge, and what they would need as a unique, discrete output. “We bounced some initial ideas off them,” he said. “Delta ModTech is very good at coordinating ideas and making sure we’re working together.”

In what Tremblay describes as a “very quick turnaround time,” a solution was created and updated onto the Delta ModTech Crusader’s software. In six weeks, Web Industries went from wondering if there was a solution, to having samples ready for qualification.  

Normally, a feature created with a 12-inch repeat die might be cut once every 100 inches. Using a unique configuration of the Delta ModTech machine, Web Industries was able to randomize the tooling in almost any repeat range centered around 100 inches.

“We were able to create a fully randomized tooling path along the direction of the material,” Tremblay said.

Throughput: A 30X increase in throughput

By using this process, Web Industries was able to improve the customer’s previous throughput levels from another vendor 30x. That included a 3x increase in line speed, and a 10x increase in discrete rolls from the web.

Keep in mind that the process was not just the rotary die cut — it also combined flexo printing, heat sealing, and slitting in a cross-direction register.

Web Industries was able to improve the customer’s previous throughput levels from another vendor 30x.

As surprising as the results were, Tremblay didn’t feel this was anything out of the ordinary in Web Industries’ partnership with Delta ModTech. Despite having purchased their machine over a decade ago, the collaborative support from Delta has never waned.

“We bought our machines in 2008, but we still get stellar support from them,” Tremblay said. “And unless you mess something up, those machines will keep working perfectly.”

Delivering a spectacular new solution without requiring a new machine, or a significant hardware investment, is a perfect example of how our converting machines never quit — and neither does our support.


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