January 4th, 2023

See Frontier at International Battery Seminar 2023

Scott Zwierlein of Frontier will be presenting at the International Battery Seminar in Orlando, Florida on March 28-31.

Join Frontier and Delta ModTech at the 40th International Battery Seminar & Exhibit. Scott Zwierlein of Frontier will be presenting on and will be available for questions in the exhibit hall, booth 611. Delta ModTech and Frontier technical sales representatives will be both onsite and in virtual attendance and available for private meetings to discuss your toughest manufacturing challenges. Reserve a meeting time here or use the form below. Also be sure to check out Delta’s coating page!

Scott Zwierlein

Sneak peak of Scott’s presentation last year Slot Die Coated Electrodes: How to Get the Highest Quality Anode and Cathode Coatings
“In an era when battery technology is advancing at record pace it is important to be sure that battery manufacturing is capable of keeping up. In many cases the accuracy and precision of the coated electrode is what can make or break a new technology. We will address the advantages and disadvantages of a number of coating methods to give you the tools to evaluate which process best suits your technology.”


Set up a meeting at International Battery Seminar

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We’re looking forward to it!


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