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Converting Innovation

Innovations in Converting: New Products, New Ideas

We collaborate with a lot of companies on content.  It helps us understand what others are doing in the industry, and it gives you tips on how to improve your own converting processes.

Many of our frequent collaborators have some great new ideas to share.  Take a look at their latest and greatest:

Domino offers Flexible Message Creation with QuickDesign

Domino QuickDesign

Did you know that as much as 80% of downtime in manufacturing environments is caused by human error? Domino has a solution to minimize that downtime by offering one single application for all of your coding and marking needs.

While label printers have their place for basic label creation and printing, your business is changing. You need a dynamic label program that offers the ability to communicate with non-labeling equipment, while supporting central control of messaging.

It’s time to think outside the box. Don’t base a coding decision based on an inflexible software program because it’s what you are familiar with. Your limitations are no longer an obstacle, thanks to QuickDesign.

QuickDesign is part of the Domino Coding Automation platform, which protects your investment by providing a scalable solution for now and the future.

QuickDesign is much more than a simple label designer:  Intelligence is built into the product to support a full range of technologies from inkjet and laser to print and apply.  Learn more.

GEW launches next generation UV monitor


GEW has launched a major innovation for UV curing installations, the multi-point UV monitor, or mUVm.

Effective ink curing depends upon a guaranteed output from the lamp and reflector system and GEW’s new mUVm is a set of one or up to five UV sensors which give continuous monitoring of UV output on a press.

UV monitoring consists of calibrated sensors positioned along the length of the lamp to continuously measure the UV intensity in a UV curing system. This is vital to avoid the risks and consequences of undercured product reaching the customer. GEW’s UV monitor is a highly reliable and cost-effective solution for production monitoring of UV intensity at multiple positions across the web.

A simple user interface displays the UV output of the lamps on the RHINO system touchscreen and alarms can be set to warn when the output gets too low or too high. With up to five sensors per lamp monitoring once a second, unprecedented control over the UV curing process can be achieved. As a result, potential waste is eliminated and thus efficiency is greatly improved.

The GEW mUVm enables the user to easily see when UV lamps reach end of life. Accurate UV outputs determine when to change lamps to extend their life, whilst saving energy by reducing lamp running power, without risking undercured product.

With mUVm it is now possible to attain 100% UV inspection for every batch when using the API user interface, and generate a UV curing certificate for every batch by recording live UV outputs for every lamp.

mUVm is designed to comply with European legislation on food contact packaging, including Framework Regulation (EC) 1935/2004 article 3; Good Manufacturing Practice Regulation (EC) 2023/2006; Plastics Regulation (EU) 10/2011 and Swiss Ordinance SR 817.023.21.

Check out product details here.

Argent Tape and Label expands portfolio with Delta ModTech Spectrum Finisher

Delta SpectrumⓇ Finisher

The Delta SpectrumⓇ Finisher, in service at Argent Tape and Label since the summer of 2016, has been integral in the company’s 15% year over year sales growth. Run on its own and designed to run in-line with the Domino N610i Digital UV Inkjet Label Press, the Spectrum has assisted ATL in effectively and efficiently expanding its application portfolio and production of custom labels and tags. ATL’s customers span the automotive, healthcare and food and beverage markets.

ATL’s Spectrum finisher has been particularly impactful in ATL’s growth in the healthcare market. ATL produces a product in high demand for identification and security throughout the country’s medical institutions by employing the machine to die-cut and marry, subject to rigorous industry specifications, layers of foam and nonwoven. Prior to the inception of the Spectrum, such capability at ATL was elusive. As ATL’s presence in its target markets grows, the modular features of the machine – the ability to replace or move die stations to add or customize the features – will be further utilized.

Though quality is paramount at ATL, the Delta Spectrum decreases scrap and maximizes efficiency, thus meeting the ROI on its purchase sooner than had initially been projected. ATL’s operators regularly employ the ease and versatility of the press, including the die-to-die sync and registration, repeatability features, independent servos and the ability to control part size with the speed of the stations and spindles. Use of the computer mainframe ensures accuracy of output quantity.

ATL is no stranger to Delta ModTech machines; its strategically allied partner, Argent International, a long-time presence in the converting industry, is home to a number of different custom Delta ModTech Converters. Rapidly changing industries and varying production runs across different markets are challenges surmountable through the use of the Delta ModTech’s converting capabilities.

Convertech improves concentric expansion with Leaf Shafts

Standard Leaf Shafts

Convertech Leaf Shafts

The Convertech Leaf Shafts collapse at 1/16” undersize to allow for easier loading and unloading. While each of the leaves expands individually, it can be difficult to achieve true concentricity, regardless of the weight of the roll.

When loading cores onto the shaft, the roll weight sits on top of the air shaft. Then once it’s inflated, the bottom leaves tend to expand first because there is less roll weight there. This can result in a slightly uneven expansion.

In this situation, for rewind applications where the core is empty, Convertech can create grooves in the leaves and add O-Rings to apply pressure to all of the leaves. The exterior pressure on the leaves causes them to expand more concentrically.

Fixed Leaf Units

Instead of using O-Rings, Convertech has another option. Since the leaves on the top of the shaft need more pressure to inflate due to the weight of the core, Convertech can modify their leaf shafts to have a fixed leaf at the expanded dimension. Then when the shaft is inflated, the other leaves will expand to grab the core, leading to a more concentric expansion.

These shafts are clearly labeled so that operators can be sure to load the rolls onto the fixed leaf and their customers have found that this option is more economical than true concentric units. And to accommodate their customers, existing Convertech units are able to be upgraded in the field.

Convertech has many different options to achieve concentric winding and unwinding and they are able to make modifications to their existing units to tailor to your company’s needs. For more information, visit their website

Metalcraft provides RFID solution with Universal Mini RFID Tag

Metalcraft RFID solution

Keeping track of materials, inventory and work-in-process is a challenge for any manufacturer, but for converters these functions are essential to delivering converted pieces on time.  At Metalcraft we produce asset tags and labels for industries around the world that help people track their “stuff.”

Each industry has its own unique applications and environments but the constant theme throughout every sector is if it doesn’t get tagged it doesn’t get tracked.

Tracking assets for most companies is nothing new; making sure stock levels are correct, items are produced on schedule and broken/decommissioned items are removed from capital equipment lists are a part of everyday operations.  Many companies, however, are adopting RFID technology to improve the accuracy and speed of these activities to increase efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Like barcode technology, RFID is a great way to identify and assign unique information to an item. Unlike barcodes though, RFID can operate without a direct line of sight and can identify multiple items in a few milliseconds. This powerful combination of features means items are read accurately and cataloged quickly reducing missed items and decreasing the time to complete these tasks.

The Universal Mini RFID Tag is a great solution for many industries wanting to adopt RFID. Called “Universal” because it can be applied to any surface (metal, glass, wood, plastic, cardboard), the Universal Mini RFID Tag has a small footprint so it can be applied to almost any sized item. Plus, it comes with outstanding read-range so scanning inventory can be achieved easily.

Standard in both preprinted and on-site printable versions, the Universal Mini is ideal for those who are currently using barcode but want to transition into RFID or those who want to future proof their current tagging systems by combining both technologies.

To find out more about the Universal Mini RFID Tag or to discuss how asset identification can help your operation, visit

Enercon provides Corona and Atmospheric Plasma Surface Treaters for Engineered Films

Engineered films designed for high performance often create challenges for printing, bonding and coating. Converters will ask: Which technology should I use for my application?

Corona Treaters

Enercon corona treater

Corona treaters are the most popular choice because they are economical and effective. However, not all corona is created equal. For demanding applications Enercon offers a special corona treater which produces High Definition Corona. This corona treater design features specially constructed ceramic electrodes with an extremely high dielectric constant and superior capability for high power densities.

When corona is created between these electrodes and Enercon’s proprietary Universal roll covering, a uniform and powerful discharge is created. This provides high levels of treatment and even treatment across the width of the web, which promotes wettability and adhesion. The system also provides converters with insurance against backside treatment, pinholing and wrinkling.

Plasma Treaters

Enercon plasma treater

Some films may be unresponsive to corona treating. For those applications Enercon has pioneered the development of Atmospheric Plasma Surface Treaters for converting applications.

Plasma is similar to corona in that it is created by the electrical ionization of a gas, but at a much lower voltage. With plasma, gas chemistries are used to activate the material surface. In many cases plasma can create higher and longer lasting treatment levels than corona treating.

It’s important to note that plasma systems do require a higher initial investment than corona treaters and have higher operational costs. For most converters a high performing corona treater can meet the challenges of most applications.

To determine if plasma or corona is best for your application Enercon offers free laboratory testing. You can contact Enercon at (262) 255-6070 for more information or visit

Delta ModTech’s Inline Coater/Converter/Packager Solution

Inline coater/converter/packager solution

What happens when you connect a coater/dryer with a converter/packager machine?  How about amazing inline efficiencies and cutting edge capabilities.

Delta ModTech has brought coating and drying in-house with the acquisition of Frontier. Now it’s easier than ever to combine coating with your converting and packaging capabilities.  

This “total solution” demonstration was developed for Delta’s 2019 Technology Showcase held in September. All in-line, it operates under the watchful eye(s) of a MOD-Track Vision Inspection System, which performs both closed-loop registration control and product conformance inspection.

Manufacturing a transdermal drug patch from raw materials to an inspected, packaged product proves that the future is NOW for total manufacturing capability.

Do you have an innovation you’d like to share?

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