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Examples of Tag and Label Print Finishing

Labels & Print Finishing

We take your downtime personally. Mechanical breakdowns aren’t the only cause of downtime. That’s why we don’t stop at building Delta ModTech finishing systems to the industry’s highest standards of quality.

We reduce your downtime.

Quick changeovers. With our customized modular systems, you can compete in an industry that’s rapidly shifting from mass production of static print to smaller custom runs on digital technology. You can easily run products from entirely different markets and industries in a single shift.

Easy touch-screen interface — with live, real-time tech support. We’ve developed simple screens for specific types of jobs, so you don’t have to navigate through a bunch of irrelevant fields. Also, our service specialists can access the screen online to help you with settings, adjustments, or troubleshooting.

One-stop integration.

Our finishing systems can accommodate just about any combination of printing technologies your jobs require, including:

  • A digitally printed web off an inline digital printing press
  • A flexographic or screen print module
  • An integrated lot/date code printer
  • Short-run die cutting
  • Flexible die technology in semi-rotary mode
  • Traditional die cutting in full rotary mode
  • Hot or cold foil embossing
  • Laser cutting

From curious questions to preparing a quote, we’re ready to help.

Whether we’re answering some introductory questions or if you’re in need of a quote, just fill in the form or call us at 1-800-279-3358 and we can get you the answers you need.