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Solving the Challenges of Inserting RFID Tags

Our patented Island Transfer and Island Placement modules allow for the fastest, most precise RFID tag insertion available.

Inserting premade RFID tags can be an inefficient process that creates unnecessary waste. The process is made even more challenging by its demand for absolute precision. 

Delta ModTech’s patented Island Transfer and Island Placement insertion modules provide high-speed, high-precision RFID tag insertion while also minimizing waste.

RFID Inlay Demonstration

In this video, we’re placing 0.75″ [19mm] RFID tags on 4.5″ [114mm] labels at 500+ tags per minute with a single insertion module. That’s a web speed of 200 feet per minute [61 meters per minute] using Delta ModTech’s patented Island Transfer Process and Delta’s modular Crusader® Converter. Faster speeds are available — up to 2,500+ parts per minute!

Examples of RFID Tags and Labels

Offering a Better Way to Create RFID Tags

RFID tag technology can be confusing. Which tag is right for your needs? And what’s the best way to produce them?

With 18 years of RFID experience, along with our patented Island Transfer and Island Placement modules, DeltaModTech can guide you through the complexities of RFID technology. 

In fact, our machines can assemble, program, and test your RFID tags. Need your tags for later use? Our machines can also rewind assembled inlays. Alternatively, our machines can insert wet and dry inlays into finished labels.

High Speed Spectrum Finishing System

Providing Proven Insertion Methods to Meet Your Requirements

To meet your RFID needs, Delta ModTech offers proven process modules compatible with our Crusader® Converter or our more advanced DMT Converter: the Island Transfer Module and the Island Placement Module.

Benefits include:

  • High-speed insertion
  • Precision placement
  • Minimal waste
  • Proven methods to mitigate risk
  • Delta press compatible 

RFID Assembly and Insertion

When it comes to manufacturing RFID tags, there’s little to no room for error when joining the antenna and circuit. 

Thanks to Delta’s advanced servo controls and robust registration software, our machines allow you to manufacture RFID tags with high precision and limited operator interaction.

Programming RFID Tags

Our team of experts can give you the ability to encode (i.e., program) RFID tags inline. Because of our comprehensive expertise with RFID integration, we can develop a total solution for writing, reading, and verifying tags in one pass.

Experience with all RFID tagging systems

There are three main types of RFID tagging and reader systems. Delta ModTech has valuable experience working with all of them:  

  • Passive Reader Active Tag (PRAT)
  • Active Reader Passive Tag (ARPT)
  • Active Reader Active Tag (ARAT) 

How Delta ModTech Has Helped RFID Manufacturers

Delta has a well-established history of providing label processing solutions for tight-tolerance die-cutting and discrete part placement. 

We have been at the forefront of RFID production for nearly 20 years — from helping customers produce RFID tags in mass quantities to helping them automate RFID tag insertion.

Today, there are hundreds of machines using our RFID placement technology and more than 50 machines being used specifically for RFID manufacturing.

Machine demonstration


What is an RFID?

RFID, or radio frequency identification, is a form of wireless communication that uses a tiny tag (sometimes called a transponder). The tag is made up of an antenna, a substrate, and a circuit and can be attached to items to track their locations and store information. 

RFID technology has become an integral part of manufacturing and has an array of potential applications, from opening locked doors with a key card to tracking a pet’s location to indicating inventory levels for a retailer.

How do RFID tags work?

RFID tags (or transponders) contain information that is transmitted with radio waves via an RFID reader. Depending on the RFID system, tags can be passive, active, or semi-passive. Because multiple RFID tags can be read simultaneously, they are considered a more efficient option than barcodes, which require being individually in the line of sight of a barcode reader.

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Bring Us Your Toughest Challenge

Whether you’re a manufacturer assembling RFIDs or a manufacturer trying to meet Walmart’s new RFID mandate, you need equipment to get the job done. At Delta ModTech, we have been on the cutting edge of the RFID industry, from helping customers produce RFIDs in mass quantities to helping companies automate the placement of these RFID tags.

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