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Delta ModTech in the RFID Industry

With a storied history of label processing techniques and solutions for tight tolerance die cutting and discrete part placement, it should come as no surprise that Delta ModTech machines have been at the forefront of RFID production for decades. Our patented Island Transfer and Island Placement modules allow for the fastest, most precise tag insertion available.  

RFID Inlay Demonstration

In the video below we are placing 0.75″ [19mm] RFID tags on 4.5″ [114mm] label at 500+ tags per minute with a single insertion module. That’s a web speed of 200 feet per minute [61 meter per minute]! Using Delta ModTech’s patented Island Transfer Process and Delta’s modular Crusader® Converter. Faster speeds available… up to 2500+ parts per minute!


What is an RFID?

RFID has been a term that everyone has heard and is becoming more and more prevalent. But, what exactly is an RFID?


RFID is short for radio frequency identification, and often comes in the form of a tag, label, or chip. This tag can be attached to things to track locations or store information and has become a huge part of manufacturing. They can be used as your key card to open a gate, track your dog, or tell a grocery store how many units are in the store. These tags are made up of three components: an antenna, a substrate, and a circuit. Read more here

RFID Assembly and Insertion

When it comes to manufacturing or inserting RFID tags into labels there is little room for error when joining the antenna and circuit. Using our advanced servo controls and robust registration software, our machines allow you to manufacture RFID tags with precision and limited operator interaction. Our team of experts are capable of UHF and HF encoding and either wet or dry inlay, depending on your application. Also as integration experts we can develop a total solution for writing, reading and verifying tags in one pass. We’ve worked with all tag and reader systems:  Passive Reader Active Tag (PRAT), Active Reader Passive Tag (ARPT), and Active Reader Active Tag (ARAT).  

High Speed Spectrum Finishing System

Think your RFID project is too complex? Well, you are in luck! Our team of process experts love to be challenged with the complex challenges that accompany multi-layer web handling, delicate materials, and lofty production goals. 

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Bring us your Toughest Challenge

Whether you are a manufacturer assembling RFID’s or a manufacturer trying to meet Walmart’s new RFID mandate you need equipment to get the job done. At Delta ModTech we have been on the cutting edge of the RFID industry helping customers produce RFID’s in mass quantities to helping companies automate the placement of these RFID tags.


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RFID insertion process on a Delta Crusader

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