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Jerry Forbes

The Coating and Converting industry lost a giant

Thomas J. (Jerry) Forbes – Founder and President of Frontier Industrial Technology, Inc. – September 15, 1947 – October 1, 2020

Jerry Forbes was Founder and President of Frontier Industrial Technology, Inc. since 1987. In that time, his desire to design and build the best coating and web handling equipment created what has become the benchmark of the industry.

Throughout his career Jerry designed some of the most innovative slitting systems and roll to roll web splicing technologies which earned him 3 US Patents. With decades of application knowledge and expertise in slot die design, coating processes and drying techniques, Jerry and Frontier were a perfect addition to Delta ModTech, which they joined with in 2016.

Frontier’s coating and drying systems are known for their innovation and quality. The Frontier DynaCoat is unrivaled as a lab scale coating system that performs at production level quality.

Jerry’s philosophy was that Frontier was not building a machine we were creating a solution. The process was the solution.

Jerry became a trusted mentor and friend to virtually every customer that bought a machine from Frontier and some that never did buy anything. People would call just to bounce new ideas off him. Upon his passing we received many kind notes stating the impact he had on their lives and their businesses.

“I too considered Jerry a friend and not just a colleague and I am saddened to hear of his passing.  I will be thinking of him, his legacy, and impact on our business going forward and anticipate our coater will be an exceptional machine that will carry his legacy forward for many decades.” – repeat Frontier customer

“He really helped me when I was starting my company and I will never forget it.  I will really miss all the calls and advice he used to give me.  Jerry was a great man – truly honest and caring.  He was a great inspiration for me in a time when I really needed guidance.” – long time Frontier customer

Jerry will be terribly missed by all who knew him and the family he created in Frontier, plus the new family he ga