Delta Crusader® Rotary Converter

The Top Choice for the most Successful Contract Converters in the world.

Newly updated crusader

Over 30 years ago we designed the Crusader Converter from the ground up to be the most flexible and precise roll to roll die cutting machine on the market.

This first-of-its-kind machine continues to be the industry leading narrow web die cutting platform for contract converting. With a fresh update in 2020 that has improved flexibility, ergonomics, and usability, along with all the great features of the original model. 

  • Guaranteed to meet your performance specifications
  • Reduced risk with proven solutions
  • Application support for new products
  • Best service in the industry

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Nathan Holm

The Crusader gives you so many options to do so many things. It’s like a dream.

Nathan Holm, PGC

Forward and Backward Compatible

One Design. Small to Large. Now or in the Future.

Flexible. Expandable. Reliable.

Full servo motor control, simple operator interface, hundreds converting modules,

rigid welded frame, best service in the industry.

Crusader Converting System



  • Each cutting, nipping, sealing, printing and winding station is servo controlled.
  • Advanced controls and closed loop registration provide the tightest tolerances available.
  • Expandable modular platform
  • Delta ModTech’s Intelli-MOD™ control system
  • Intuitive HMI touchscreen interface with Product Recipe recall
  • Quick change tooling
  • Rigid welded steel frame
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Worldwide service with online support


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Introducing the Ultimate in Process Flexibility

Delta Crusader® FLEX- Machine comes complete and ready to perform a variety of processes. Fully loaded with options for the manufactures that want to be confident in handling any project. Simply load your specifications and tooling.  

Crusader Flex full image

Producing a highly functional, high-tolerance part.

“At Boyd, advanced manufacturing technologies increase our ability to provide our customers higher quality products with tighter tolerances. Our servo driven Crusader presses utilize both rotary and flex die technology to convert multiple layers of material and control island placement inline, ensuring part repeatability.”

Jeff Snedeker, Engineering Manager

Crusader Options

We have 100’s of predesigned ModTech modules that fit seamlessly on the Crusader Converter.

Closed Loop Registration

MOD-Track® Inspection System – part conformance, verification and closed loop registration
control. Simple on-screen setup.

Laser Die Cutting

EDGE® Laser Technology – Intricate cuts, ablation, kiss cutting, drilling, slug removal.

Part Placement

Save precious materials with our game changing Island Placement modules.

Sealing, Pouching, Packaging

High-speed, repeatable flatbed pouching with continuous motion.


Servo controlled unwind and rewinds, closed loop tension, and unlimited expansion capabilities.

Part Handling

Conveyors, stackers, reject gates, waste removal and cartoner integration.


Flexographic printers, lot/date code printing and finishing modules for inline/nearline digital press integration.


Robotics, pick and place, feeders, extruders, coaters, dryers, ERP/IoT system integration and more.


If you need it, we’ve probably already designed it and built it. Just ask!

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Delta Crusader® Standard Technical Specifications

Max Web Width: 10” (254 mm), 13” (330 mm), 16”(406 mm), 18” (457 mm), 20”(508 mm), 24” (609 mm)

Max Speed: Up to 300 ft/min*

Higher speeds available upon request

Unwind/Rewind Mandrel Diameter: 3″ (76 mm) standard, other sizes available

Control System: Delta ModTech INTELLI-MOD™ HMI

Drive System: Individual Servomotor Control

Cabinet Construction: Welded Steel Frame, Aluminum Front Plate

* Process dependent


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Product Development

Delta's Proof of Principle Service

If your product or materials are still in the development phase, our in-house R&D facilities allow you to work the bugs out of your products and allow us to prove we have a solution to manufacture your parts.

Visit our Product Development page or Contact us to learn more.

FDA Validation, Documentation & Training

Delta is a Total Solution Provider

validation on a converting and pouching machine

As a manufacturer, you look to the machine builder as the expert on the equipment. This shouldn’t stop with the ability to supply useful specifications, test procedures, custom instructional material and advanced training. Our validation practices are modeled after GAMP and allow the flexibility to work with you and your project needs.

Visit our Validation and Training pages to learn more.

Machine Support

Passionate Service

Excellent service. You don’t know how important it is until you need it. We have you covered.

We invest in the resources to keep your machines up and running. From process changes, to spare parts, to total system retrofits, we are here to serve you. Online process support, upgrades, and
troubleshooting are just a phone call away.

Visit our Machine Support page to learn more.

Stock Photo of Delta Service and Support

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we’re ready to help

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