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From tight tolerance die cutting to unique pouching requirements, Our machines are engineered for your toughest challenge.

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Dave Jessen, Innovize

The best rotary converting equipment available!

Dave Jessen, Innovize

Brad Patt

They’re at the top of the heap

Brad Patt

Jason Hynes

Delta ModTech has always provided tremendous support for us, so when we take on a big challenge, we’re always ready to roll.

Jason Hynes, Vice-President

Delta ModTech provides PLITEK with the capability to meet growing needs.

As customer demands continue to get more stringent, it is vital that PLITEK evolves with them. Delta ModTech provides PLITEK with the capability to meet the growing needs in the marketplace through the use of advanced converting techniques within the Crusader presses.

Keith Hoffman, Operations Manager

Dr. Jeremy Schrooten

The people at Frontier have been wonderful in their support. We have had issues with lots of other equipment in the lab, but we haven’t had any issues with the DynaCoat. It works and works really well.

Dr. Jeremy Schrooten, Technical Director

Scott Chambers

Delta’s experience with the converting process, and their willingness to support Strouse, is one of the primary reasons we rely on them. We’ve had a great relationship with them for quite some time.

Scott Chambers, Business Development Manager

Dan Ganfield

Delta ModTech went above and beyond. It’s good to see a vendor try that hard. That doesn’t always happen.

Dan Ganfield, PGC

Bobby Schroeder

The modularity of the machine allows us to challenge any problem we face with a number of different ideas. The sky’s the limit with what we can do.

Bobby Schroeder, Development Engineer

We bought our machines in 2008, but we still get stellar support from DeltaModTech. And unless you mess something up, those machines will keep working perfectly.

Senior Applications Engineer

Matthew Ganter, RIT

We wanted a partner we were comfortable working with — someone who could help us enhance their impact on the industry. It’s been a good partnership with Delta ModTech.

Dr. Matthew Ganter, Director

Larry Gualano

I don’t know how else we would process these types of materials. We’re making a lot more parts and in less time than with other methods.

Larry Gualano, SRP

Lane Shaver, Boyd Corp

Everyone at Delta is capable of helping you with your converting challenges. They’ve never been stumped.

Lane Shaver, Field Application Engineer

High-Precision Components allow for Tight Tolerances and Minimal Waste

When a fast running speed isn’t enough to serve your customers, you need Delta ModTech’s precise registration and tension control, vision inspection systems, proven converting techniques, and modular designs to stay ahead of the competition.

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From wound care dressings to automotive gaskets to diagnostic test strips, our process experience and flexible platforms will take the risk out of your manufacturing. Our customers use our machines across many industries including medical, pharmaceutical, labels, consumer goods, automotive and electronics.

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Support from Concept to Production

Prove – Our experienced engineers can work with you while you are in the product development phase to make your transition to production seamless.

Deliver – We’ll help your crew hit the ground running with minimal disruption for your operation. From installation to machine validation to comprehensive training, we aren’t done until you make good products.

Support – When you have a process question or a service issue, you need an expert NOW – not a call center rep or automated phone system. We can also connect remotely to your machine’s control panel.


Let us prove we’re up for the challenge.

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Try us. Many have, bringing us their most complicated challenges. Our team always finds an innovative converting machine solution to help clients with:

  • Difficult web manufacturing and finishing problems
  • Ambitious production goals
  • Exacting requirements and challenging regulations

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