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Beyond Delivery; Delta ModTech Innovates Production Through Client Partnerships

For over 40 years, Delta ModTech has been the most reliable machine manufacturer for web converters. We have created a reputation of service, technology, and design. This reputation is clear when you hear about what our customers say about their partnership with us. Clients that have chosen Delta ModTech and Frontier are not just getting a machine, they are getting a turnkey solution and a partner.  

Collaborative Innovation with LumiraDx

David Lang, Senior Vice President Engineering, Manufacturing & Innovation, LumiraDx, a UK-based medical company, spoke at the Delta ModTech Technology Showcase about LumiraDx’s partnership with Delta ModTech.  Delta ModTech built a number of LumiraDx’s manufacturing equipment to produce point of care tests for Point of Care settings around the world. 

“A run of the mill equipment developer would slow us down, not enable us to speed up,” stated Lang. “Delta ModTech came out strongest in our objective scoring assessment and matrix. It’s been a strong partnership with them”. “Delta ModTech was comfortable dealing with ambiguity and was willing to share risk with us.” – David Lang

Delta ModTech’s willingness to take on risk is due in part to our confidence in our pool of expertise. With over 40 years of experience and industry subject matter experts, when Delta ModTech believes it can be done, it will be done.  

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Collaborative Innovation with Precision Converting

When faced with a manufacturing challenge that no other company was willing to take on, Precision Converting turned to Delta ModTech.   

“We knew what we needed but couldn’t find anybody that could give us a solution, we tried everything, but none of it worked. We started with the other guy, who hung up the phone, saying ‘you guys are asking too much’… then we found Delta ModTech” – George Caillouette, VP of Fabrication; Precision Converting  

Delta ModTech accepted the challenge and was able to create a collaborative solution and a successful outcome for Precision Converting.    

“We have all the ideas, we can visualize it, but we need a partner that can make that visualization come to reality. Delta ModTech is and will continue to be that partner.” – Caillouette  

By working with our customers as partners, and not just a machine builder, Delta ModTech is able to coordinate ideas, expertise, and resources to usher in new, innovative industry-heights quickly and successfully.   

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Collaborative Innovation with RIT

Frontier, a Delta ModTech company, designed a custom, innovative coating line for the RIT Battery Prototyping Center. This coating line solved a critical problem for RIT. The purpose for the RIT Battery Prototyping Center is to be a resource to the battery industry; a partner to help companies get from A to B in the most efficient way possible. RIT Battery Prototyping Center’s selection of Frontier resulted in a similar type of relationship.  

“We weren’t just buying equipment, we wanted a partner we were comfortable working with — someone who could help us enhance their impact on the industry,” Matthew Ganter – RIT.Matthew Ganter, RIT


Besides providing ongoing consultation on the machine’s operation, Frontier participates and sponsors the RIT Battery Prototyping Center’s training events, sharing their coating expertise with battery innovators worldwide.  

These are a few of the partnerships Delta ModTech and Frontier have had over their decades of service. To learn more about our customer partnerships, check out our case studies here. Delta’s core belief of working with our clients as partners in finding solutions has enabled our clients to bring us their toughest challenge. Our origin as the first company to utilize servo motors for converting shaped our culture of moving the industry forward with innovations.  



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