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Delta ModTech Welcomes over 20 Interns

Delta ModTech Welcomes Over 20 Interns

Our interns are college students studying fields that include:

  • Mechanical, electrical and software engineering
  • Electro-mechanical technicians
  • Sales and marketing

When they join us, it creates a win-win situation: 

  • Interns benefit by the exposure to a high-demand, high-tech industry.
  • Delta ModTech employees assigned to mentor, educate and encourage the interns find it to be a rewarding experience.

Engineering interns at Delta ModTech are responsible for completing assigned tasks related to mechanical assembly, wiring and electrical assembly of cutting edge equipment used in the Medical, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Battery, Electronics, Tag & Label, and RFID industries. 

Most interns have just completed their first or second year at a college or tech school, many are from the Midwest and are planning for a future career at Delta ModTech.

A large percentage of interns return each summer and often accept full time work upon graduation, like Ryan Herman, a Sr. Electrical and Service Engineer, who has been with Delta ModTech for his entire career.

Ryan’s Story:

Ryan Herman
Ryan Herman

“I attended NDSU and interned at Delta for two summers. I started as a full-time engineer after I graduated. Over the past 20 years, I have created high precision manufacturing solutions from the medical field to the automotive industry. “One of my favorite things is to see a product in the store that was manufactured on a machine that I helped design.”

My current position involves working with all Delta machines and processes. As our customers look to expand their business into new industries by adding manufacturing capabilities, I am here to help them. I can advise and offer solutions for new product development, as well as offer advice on working with new materials, trouble shooting and training. I am on the leadership team, and I am very active in the growth and culture of Delta ModTech.”

If you are interested in an internship, please visit our
Careers page for details and to apply online.