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Empowering Meyers to Provide State-of-the-Art RFID Labeling Capabilities

Challenge Solution Throughput

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minn., Meyers is a premier print manufacturer and an industry leader in providing innovative technology. To solve the RFID label challenges of its customers, the company wanted an efficient, cost-effective method for embedding RFID tags within existing prime labels.

Having relied on Delta ModTech converting systems in the past, Meyers looked to its long-time partner for a solution.


More and more CPG brands use RFID labeling to track inventory and convey information beyond what a standard printed label holds. RFID tags can transmit data wirelessly and can even be updated in real-time. In addition, retail giants like Walmart now have specific RFID requirements.

But the advent of RFID has also brought new challenges to CPG brands, specifically in finding efficient ways to integrate RFID tags into the labeling process.

Bryce Loney
Bryce Loney, Process & Product Development

According to Meyers’ Bryce Loney, Process & Product Development, a conventional servo-driven printing press can re-register to a pre-printed eye mark. However, providing a cost-effective solution to customers’ RFID label challenges required a machine with much more flexibility than a conventional printing press.

“In theory, we could have added auxiliary equipment to an existing servo printing press and figured out how to deal with sensors that are fixed in place. But that option just wasn’t practical,” says Bryce.

To truly solve the RFID challenges of customers, Meyers needed a machine that could meet the re-registration demands required to embed RFID labels.


“There was no question that our Delta press was the best choice for processing RFID tags.”

Bryce Loney, Process & Product Development, Meyers

Fortunately, Meyers didn’t have to look too far for a solution. “There was no question that our Delta press was the best choice for processing RFID tags,” says Bryce. “Compared to all of our other presses, it provided the highest level of opportunity for throughput and accuracy.” 

With capabilities like the following, Meyers has been able to help CPG brands improve the quality and efficiency of their RFID labeling processes:

Multiple options for web paths. When CPG brands can forgo purchasing separate RFID labels, they save time and money. The unique capabilities of a Delta ModTech machine make that possible.

“The Delta press has excellent web handling abilities for adding multiple rolls or multiple different materials on the same press. On a conventional printing press, you don’t have that luxury.”

Bryce Loney, Process & Product Development, Meyers

Adjustable sensors. Closely related to the point above, because the Delta ModTech machine allows operators to move the eye mark sensor essentially anywhere on the press, Meyers’ print process can provide extremely accurate repeatability detection for re-registration purposes.

More specifically, Delta ModTech’s island placement capabilities have allowed Meyers to convert dry RFID inlays into wet inlays, as well as insert wet inlays into another label stock. The flexible press can also perform additional converting steps, eliminating the need for extra equipment.

“All you have to do is web it the right way and put the sensors in the right spot and we’re good to go,” says Bryce.

Adhesive expertise for a one-two punch. According to Bryce, a key to Meyers’ success in RFID labeling has been the company’s ability to provide specialty adhesives that work better for their customers’ products.

“We’re ready and willing to explore different adhesive options. And when you combine that with the Delta press’s re-registration capabilities, it’s like a one-two punch for creating effective RFID finished products for customers.”


The Delta ModTech machine enables Meyers to expand its already impressive list of capabilities and offer cutting-edge RFID labeling services.

In fact, since first providing RFID-related printing support almost 20 years ago, Meyers has helped numerous CPG brands have the capability to cost-effectively produce scalable, high-quality RFID labels.

Along the way, Meyers has also had the advantage of Delta ModTech’s technical support, an especially important factor when forging new pathways of service.

“Meyers probably would not have even started in the RFID scope without a Delta press and the support and expertise that Delta provides.”

Bryce Loney, Process & Product Development, Meyers