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See Frontier and Delta ModTech at The Battery Show 2019

Join Frontier and Delta ModTech at the The Battery Show North America in Novi Michigan on September 10-12, 2019. See us in booth 2707, Delta ModTech and Frontier technical sales representatives will be on hand and available for private meetings to discuss your toughest manufacturing challenges. Reserve a meeting time here or use the form below.

Slot Die Coating Machine Demo

The Frontier DynaCoat
The Frontier DynaCoat

Frontier will feature their DynaCoat® in booth 2707. This completely self-contained coating and drying system sets the industry standard for coating process optimization. The planned demonstration will feature slot die stripe coating to precise thicknesses, the material will be dried and wound with servomotor control.

From lab scale to full production, Frontier can help you develop the best coating and drying equipment for your application. Coating technologies include slot die, patch and pattern coating, gravure, direct/offset coating, mayer rod, knife-over-roll, comma coating, screen printing and extrusion. Our drying ovens are engineered for the drying and curing of VOC solvent, aqueous, and thermally cured solvent-less coatings. We provide both air impingement flotation dryers and roll support dryers with various curing options including Infrared (IR), Ultra-violet (UV) and Electronic beam (Ebeam).

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